Client: NCC Denmark, Copenhagen
Description: Construction of incinerator
Workforce: 350

The Amager Bakke incinerator, the construction was a composition of 30.000 m³ of in situ concrete, pre cast elements and steel structures. Elements were large with beams of 30m length and a very high ratio of reinforcement-to-concrete. Construction consists of monolith casted 14m high walls and with a central turbine foundation supported by 11m high columns. Amager Bakke was one of the most prestigious projects in Scandinavia. With an iconic design. EC-Contractors supplied all the supervision and entire concrete crews to NCC on the project who had a senior management team working alongside EC-Contractors. NCC head office showcased the excellent Safety record on the project.

Workforce supplied:

  • Formwork carpenters
  • Steelfixers
  • Concrete finishers – power float operators
  • Crane operators
  • Forklift, teleporter operators
  • Hydraulic working platform operators
  • Safety Supervisors
  • Storage and security men
  • Pre-cast assemblers
  • Welders
  • Supervisors – engineers
  • Surveyors